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You're excited, we're excited- but before you head out into the wilderness, throw on the right gear for the conditions at hand. Here's a list of what we always wear when off-roading.

Good-Quality Helmet 

Number one for a reason: a solid DOT-approved helmet. We’ve heard every reason to not wear a helmet, but we’re not buying it. This is the single most important article of clothing and means the difference between a good time and becoming a statistic. Invest in the best helmet you can afford.

Eye Protection

Having to squint because the sun, dust, or wind is in your eyes isn’t a good look and it’s really dangerous. Experience has taught us, that goggles are an essential safety and comfort item for everyone. (Bonus: they look cool.)

Long-Sleeved Shirt & Pants 

Wear a long-sleeved top and durable pants to protect yourself from abrasions, nicks, cuts, and the sun. The fit of your clothing should also be considered. Keep in mind that your outfit should not be too baggy or loose; otherwise, you’ll run the risk of getting it snagged or caught.

Full-Finger Gloves

The next consideration is your hands. Off-road gloves help ensure a firm, reliable grip on the steering wheel, and they off protection from any objects that may enter the cab. They will also help keep your hands warm and comfortable on colder days. 

Over the Ankle Boots

On your feet, close-toed shoes are an absolute must, but over the ankle boots are highly recommended for additional support and protection. Nothing is worse than having to pull a muddy winch line in the morning and having wet feet for the rest of your day.


Carry along extra waterproof gear and change of socks, pants, and shirt. Layering with a base, mid and outer shell is a good approach that will keep you warm, dry, and happy even when adventuring for days at a time. Mudding? Hop into some waders.

Just like any other adventure in the outdoors, checking the weather is crucial. The wind chill at speed will make it colder than the ambient temperature. So, in colder climates, it can get incredibly chilly once under way. You’ve planned everything else—don’t forget to plan your outfit.


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