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What’s new from Club BRP 2023?

Over the weekend of 08/6/2022 BRP shared big news across three of their product lines. Can-Am Off-Road, Can-Am On-Road, and Sea-Doo. There is a lot in store for the upcoming years. You think they’ve thought of it all, but just wait.

Can-Am Off-Road Livin’

The 2023 lineup is their most comprehensive yet, creating the most opportunities to get out and live a better, tougher, and smarter off-road life. Starting with the new look, the front of the Renegade and Outlander have been completely restructured. Are you looking for more power? Well, you got it. With up to 91 HP, their ATVs are top in the industry. Don’t worry about operating your vehicle roughly either, with the new exclusive intelligent engine braking (iEB), you’ll ride the smoothest ever. Like to ride in the dark? Own it with the new LED headlight integration.

That’s not all. Now you can spark a passion in anyone! With the new youth Renegade 70 EFI, 110 EFI, and the XXc 110 EFI, anyone can ride. With a quality design and integrated safety features, your young ones can ride with confidence.

Don’t take it from us. Cross Jones (age 8), Hallee Rinaudo (age 11), and Carson Jones (age 13), got to experience the youth Renegade model firsthand. First impressions? they were impressed by the fresh look. An almost perfect resemblance to the full-size Renegade, the kids were impressed. After they hop on, they have more than the looks to vouch for. The sound, suspension, and ease of control pulled them in further.



Blown away from the Sea-Doo Switch, you thought BRP was done expanding, or at least would take a break. You thought wrong. The Sea-Doo Rise, an all-electric hydrofoil board enters the family. This versatile surfboard can be used kneeling, lying down, and standing up, allowing any experience level to join in on the fun. With a retractable handlebar, partial foil options, and a remote with different speeds, you can easily learn and master the ride.

Don’t worry though, they are still focused on the PWCs in the lineup. The new RXPX Apex, made from quality lightweight molded carbon fiber, has an eye-catching look. They know looks aren’t everything though, the new models provide an epic experience on the water too. To provide you with a precise controlled ride, they’re offering an industry-first innovation, a new steering damper. With a carbon reinforced steering column relying on hydraulic damping, you get a more predictable experience. Again, you get options that cater to you. With three settings that go from more control to less, you can adapt to the conditions around you.

They didn’t stop there. The all-new Sea-Doo explorer pro is made for every condition/adventure. Again, knowing that looks do matter, the Explorer Pro 170 is designed with functionally aesthetic elements. One being the stunning highly visible ice gray color scheme with manta green accents. Second is the unique front bumper. You’ll also notice the addition of a removeable windshield to give you all the extra benefits on your next trip. Don’t worry, they got you covered with storage too. The added a rear deck extension with the ability to clip on the LinQ multi-cargo rack to load you up with everything you could need.

Can-Am On-Road

If you’re in love with your Spyder or Ryker now, you’ll love what they have planned. New wheels & accessories will take your on-road experience to the next level.

That’s not what we’re most excited about though. The next generation of Can-Am is here, pushing the limits once again. Introducing a reborn legacy, Can-Am brings 100% electricity to two-wheels. Meet the Can-Am Pulse, balanced and nimble to immerse you in surrounding cities. Take your daily commute, your annual road trips, and your go-to vehicle for a whole new electric journey. That’s not all, it’s equally exhilarating two-wheeler partner in crime, the Can-Am Origin, brings you a versatile experience. This dual sport model can be used on the street and the trails. With a level 2 charging, the Origin is powered by their all new Rotax E-power.

If these innovations get you giddy, you’ll be happy to know all these epic modifications and new ideas in the units are mimicked in their 2023 apparel and gear lineups too! With new styles for all kinds of riders across their product lines, you’ll want to get yours as soon as possible.

That was a lot to unpack. Whether you are team Sea-Doo or Can-Am, we hope you’re just as excited as we are. There’s a lot of innovation coming our way. Are you ready?

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