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Summer’s finally here and we know you’re ready to get out and soak up the sun, but we can’t forget about a few important safety measures to ensure a summer full of fun. With all the fun watersports out there, it is very important to understand the safety precautions, while staying comfortable and enjoying your time on the water.

Let’s talk PFDs…nowadays, PFDs are comfortable and. No longer old fashion, bulky orange stiff life jackets you may be used to. There are three main types of PFD’s which include Nylon, Neoprene and Ecoprene. 

Let’s go into detail about each type so you can decide what is best for you! The first choice and most economical, is Nylon PFD. This is one of the most common materials used in PFDs. Because it does not zip shut, and only uses a buckle system, its easier to fit with various body shapes, while retaining its shape. Your next choice would be Neoprene PFD, this PFD is made up if synthetic rubbers, is less bulky and more fitted and secure than your traditional Nylon PFD. The last choice of PFD we offer is an Ecoprene PFD. This type of PFD is made up of 100% plant based, renewable natural rubber. It is also lighter weight, flexible, fast drying, super comfortable and stylish!


So now that we went over the material of the PFD lets talk about all the styles Sea-Doo carries.

  • Airflow
    • Incredible performance in an ultralight package
    • Ecoprene
    • Made up of %polyester and % Gaia Biofoam
    • Quick drying with extreme comfortable fit
  • Freedom PFD
    • Matches your active riding style while handling rugged daily use.
    • Snug fitting with comfort
    • Outer shell is ultra-durable Ecoprene and polyethylene foam.
  • Force pullover PFD
    • Ultra-durable neoprene outer shell
    • Fitted PFD perfect for athletic riders.
  • Motion PFD
    • Combination of great value and high-quality components that compromise look and safety.
    • Easy fitting PFD so it can be easily shared with a wide range of people.
    • Outer shell made with heavy-duty polyester for increased durability.
    • Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Navigator PFD
    • Unisex PFD
    • Outer shell is heavy-duty polyester + polyethylene foam.
    • Dual sized which makes it easy to share with others.
  • Junior Explore PFD
    • For kids 50lbs-90lbs
    • Outer shell is Neoprene
    • 100% polyester
  • Kids Sandsea PFD
    • Sizes go by weight Small (0lbs-30lbs) Medium (33lbs-55lbs) Large (55lbs-88lbs)
    • 100% polyester and 100% polyethylene

Now that you know the different styles and Material of PFD lets chat about how to make sure you find the perfect fit. Here are a few key factors to look for when trying a PFD on,

  • Fit should be snug but not tight you still need room to breathe.
  • When you raise your arms over your head the PFD should not move too far up, you want some movement but not too much.
  • When sizing for children, make sure the weight requirements are correct.
  • When adjusting the straps adjust the waist straps first then the side straps finishing with the shoulder straps and comfort straps.
  • If after adjusting the straps it still does not fit snug then it is too big, if you cannot comfortably put it on and fasten it, it’s too small.

Alright now you’re ready to go enjoy some fun under the sun!

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